Even as a kid I was always looking for ways to be creative with whatever tools I had available, from drawing and painting pictures to music and writing. I never really cared to find out if I was any good at it, I just did it to fulfill an internal desire to express myself. 

I grew up all around California and Oregon and have since traveled around the world to satisfy my sense of adventure. I've spent a lot of my days outdoors and quite frequently find myself living out of my backpack on a hiking adventure or riding my bicycle with my kids around the town. 

Movies and magazines were all I had when I was young to peek into the outside world of creative people and art.    I was heavily influenced by films and songs in ways that even today I feel shape my perception of reality. Recognizing that I've always had a whispering desire to make movies myself I decided in June 2016 to embark on a new journey of film and photography. So I bought my first camera and the whispering voice calling me to this medium of creativity has only gotten clearer . I look forward to capturing, creating and telling stories through my lens.  I still love painting, drawing, music and writing, now I have a way to document it and share it with the world.  


It is a terrible thing for a man to have sight and no vision
— Helen keller