Lisa & Rudy ,  A wedding Film Teaser

Shooting a short and quick intro to this couples soon to be wedding Film was a great way to tell friends and family to stay tuned for whats to come. It is also a great opportunity to get these two lovers comfortable with the camera and me. As I'm writing this I'm also packing for their big day tomorrow  , and looking forward to witnessing them say "I do". . 

Juan & Veronica's quick glimps

Making 1 - 3 minute versions of an hour long plus wedding film is like adding the top to the cake. It is a lot of fun to be able to share a quick video with highlights in your days special moments. Its easier to share on your social media or even just to watch when your on the go with friends or family. Imagine if this were your wedding day how many times you may watch it over and over, you never know how much it can mean to you.